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Gambar Motor 2000 BMW R1200C Classic
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2000 BMW R1200C Classic

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Engine and transmission
Engine type: 2 cylinders, 4-stroke, Boxer
Displacement: 1170 cc (71.49 cubic inches)
Bore × stroke: 101 mm × 73 mm (oversquare - shortstroke)
Cooling system: Air cooled
Power: 61.05 HP (44.9 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Torque: 98 Nm (9.99 kg-m) @ 3000 rpm
Throttle: Cable operated
Valve train: SOHC, variable
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel and ignition
Sparks per cylinder: 1
Fuel supply system: Fuel injection
Ignition type: Digital CDI
Compression: 10:1
Engine mounting: Longitudinal
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Gear box: Manual 5-speed
Clutch: Dry, single plate, hydraulic operated
Final drive: Shaft
Starter: Electric

Physical measures
Length: 2340 mm
Width: 1050 mm
Height: 1130 mm
Wheel base: 1650 mm
Trail: 86 mm
Seat height: 740 mm
Curb weight: 256 kg
Dry weight: 238 kg

Chassis and suspension
Frame type: composite, Backbone frame
Suspension: Telelever
Suspension travel: 144 mm
Fork angle: 61°
Brake: Twin Disk, Ø305 mm
Tire: 100 / 90 R18 ZR
Suspension: mono shock, Mono arm
Suspension travel: 100 mm
Brake: Disk, Ø285 mm
Tire: 170 / 80 R15 ZR

ABS available: Yes
Power-to-weight ratio: 0.18 HP/kg (5.70 kg/HP)
Top speed: 168 km/h
Fuel capacity: 17.5 l
Number of riders: 2 persons

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