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Motorcycle Models

Sherco 2010:
| SE 2.5i-F R | SE 3.0i-F | SE 4.5i-F | SE 5.1i-F | SU 0.5 BASE | SE-4.5i-FR | SX 2.5i-F |

Sherco 2008:

| 50cc Enduro | 50cc Enduro Champion Replica |

Sherco 2007:
| 4.5i Supermotard 4T | 50cc SM | Trail |

Sherco 2006:
| 4.5i Enduro | 5.1i Enduro | 50 CC Enduro | CityCorp 125 Enduro | Shark Replica Enduro | Trials 2.9 | Trials 3.2 |

Sherco 2005:
| 2.5 |

Sherco is a French and Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, specialising in off-road motorbikes. Sherco are best known for their extremely popular trials bikes, although they also make enduro and supermoto bikes.

The company was founded in 1998, and currently has two production facilities. A factory in Caldes de Montbui, Spain, some 30 km north of Barcelona is where the company's trials bikes are manufactured. Enduro and supermoto bikes are built at a factory in Nimes, France, close to Italy

From the very beginning in 1998, Sherco has proven its entrepreneurial strength in its short industrial life. In less than 10 years, Sherco has become a force to be reckoned with in the trials segment of the market, constantly innovating and bringing new solutions to the table, which have shown they are the ones to follow in this market.
In 2004 Sherco went one step beyond and became the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate a 4-stroke engine in their line, and just like in the 2-stroke engines, it was totally designed and developed by Sherco.

Sherco has seen re­markable success during this period, with highlights such as winning the SSDT and the overall Spanish Indoor Trials Championship. With their solid position in the trials market, in 2002 Sherco started a new endeavor, buying the French manufacturer HRD, who specialized in the production of small mopeds, and manufactu­red Enduro and Supermotard models, achieving outstanding competitive success in France.

In 2003 yet another step was taken and the 4-stroke CityCorp 125 was introduced. This was a step prior to the introduction of the Enduro line which featured 4-stroke electronic injection engines in 2004, followed by the Supermotard, with 450 and 510cc cylinder sizes.

The present Sherco catalog is very extensive, with six trials models, several versions of small mopeds – both Enduro and Supermotard – and two base Enduro bikes with two equivalent Supermotards. But the Sherco evolution continues. In 2008, the 4-stroke Sherco 3.2 is expected to finally be competitive in the trials market, after some transition years, the competitive success it has seen in 2007 has helped it mature. In the hands of riders such as Christophe Bruand and Dani Oliveras it has achieved wins in prestigious events in France and Spain, and the Sherco rider Graham Jarvis is presently dominating the British Championship on the 3.2.

In 2008 the new Sherco 2.5i Enduro model will be released, and it will also undoubtedly prove to be a formidable competitor in the 250 cc Enduro market.

Sherco's entry into the enduro market has seen its activities double, not only in technical and human terms, but also physically, with the inauguration of a new factory in Nimes (France), which is dedicated exclusively to this sector of the market.
Each of Sherco's two factories will work independently, with no interference from the other; they will focus exclusively on their own work. They will benefit from the experience gained by the other, and from bulk purchasing, which will be reflected in the quality and price of the motorcycles produced.

Sherco Caldes continues to dedicate its activities completely to trials bikes. Located in Caldes de Montbui, some 30 km north of Barcelona. It is no coincidence that its facilities are at the very heart of the world of trials biking. Three of the manufacturers who have dominated trials biking for over a decade are to be found in Catalonia: Bultaco, Montesa and OSSA, they represent the area's extraordinary position in the sport; an area which has also produced some the sport's most illustrious champions. For this reason, the majority of Sherco's external suppliers are also to be found in the surrounding area, among whom we would obviously have to include PXC, Sherco Trial's competition and prototype department, which is based in Torelló (Barcelona).
Sherco Caldes covers an area of 2,500 m2, with a team of twenty employees under the charge of the Production Manager, VÌctor Colomer. Its production capacity is 3,000 units per year, and it currently manufactures a range of models of trials bikes with the following capacities: 50, 125, 200, 250 and 290 cc.

In 2001 Sherco bought HRD, a prestigious French firm dedicated exclusively to the production of high-quality enduro bikes, with the aim of expanding its activities in this market. To ensure this new production activity would not interfere with the trials bike divisions already excellent results, a new factory was created, Sherco-HRD, in the town of Nimes in France's southern region of Provence, close to Italy, which is the country that is the principal supplier of materials and components for the enduro bikes.

Directed by Alain Morel, these new facilities cover an area of 2,000 m2, and have a team of 14 employees dedicated exclusively to improving the enduro and supermotard model bikes. The Current offering is for four models in the enduro and supermotard configuration with the following displacements: 50 cc 2-stroke and 125 cc 4-stroke. The estimated production capacity stands at some 2,000 units per year.

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